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The two day Midlands Machinery Show, started in 2014, is rapidly gaining a reputation for being an intimate event where visitors can see the latest technology launches in the agricultural industry.

Organised by the Newark and Nottinghamshire Agricultural Society, the show prides itself on being a platform for small to medium-sized agricultural businesses to showcase their diverse range of machinery and innovation to those who work and have an interest in agriculture.

The event is increasingly attracting thousands of visitors from across the country. With a tremendous amount of positive feedback about the show we pride ourselves on our ability to attract the big name brands in the agricultural industry while also maintaining that important sense of intimacy.

 A number of sponsorship opportunities are available including:

  • Roadside advertising signs
  • Site Maps - Fold Out Leaflets & Static
  • Showground Advertising and Promotional Banner Positions
  • Exhibition Halls / Zones
    - George Stephenson Exhibition Hall - 
    - Lady Eastwood Centre -
    - John Crocker Halls 1, 2 & 3
    - Stanley Sheldon
  • Seminar Theatre & Programme - 

For further information please contact Una-Marie Palin on 01636 705796 or una-marie.palin@newarkshowground.com 

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Latest news

Aug 16, 2018

At this year’s Midlands Machinery Show on November 21st & 22nd, McHale will be exhibiting a full range of machinery, giving new and existing customers the chance to see McHale high output machines. Forefront to the McHale stand will be the recent development and expansion into the twin rotor centre delivery rake range.

Also new to customers is the McHale ProGlide B9000 with Hydraulic Width Adjustment. The butterfly rear mowers now come with a hydraulic width adjustment as an option. The operator can hydraulically adjust the working width to help the mower achieve optimum cutting performance in hilly or undulating conditions.
Since the last Midlands Machinery event, McHale F5, V6 and Fusion Balers all feature a new pick-up which has a number of new features which include;
• Larger feed augers
• A larger diameter rotor
• A flexible floor
• A camless pick-up option

When combined these features deliver higher output and better reliability in all conditions but greatly improves machine performance in uneven lumpy swaths and heavy and light rows.

McHale have introduced a number of new changes to the Fusion 3 Plus, mainly in the area of bale quality with a bale weighing, bale density and bale moisture content recording option available. This will allow customers to ensure their bales are of maximum quality. Two customisable cameras are now provided as standard on new Fusion 3 Plus machines, which allow for the operator to choose their preferred view of the NRF/Netter camera and the bale transfer and wrapping camera.

McHale report that in its main markets some customers are using variable chamber machines for silage. As a result, McHale have developed a single belt option which leads to better belt tracking and less crop loss. This full width single endless belt is standard on all McHale Fusion Vario machines and is available as an option on all V6 variable chamber balers. The V6 Variable Range of balers also features a new high performance hydraulic stretch netter unit and a new Expert Plus 3 Control Box which delivers better features and usability.

The McHale Orbital High Speed Round Bale Wrapper now comes with a work lamp for late night working and external controls to aid the wrap loading process. Machine speed has also increased to deliver higher output.

In their square bale wrapping range, McHale will show its new McHale 998 High Speed which can operate at approximately 35 rpm in High Speed Wrapping Mode. This has the ability to deliver up to 40% more output over a standard 998.

McHale will also have its new film binding baler the F5600 Plus on the stand. The machine has the ability to eliminate the need for net wrap and binds the bale with film in the bale chamber. This film forms part of the wrapping layer to provide a number of advantages;
• Chamber Film Acts As A Wrapping Layer
• Chamber Film Results In Better Shaped Bales
• Chamber Film Delivers Higher Quality Silage
• Chamber Film Makes Recycling Easier

McHale will also be showing their latest products from the McHale C4 Silage Feeder and Straw Blower Range. Comprising of 3 models to cater for your needs; the McHale C430, C460 and C470.
The McHale C460 is the flagship model in the range which is a trailed machine that has the capacity for two 4ft bales.

McHale have expanded this range by adding two models to include the McHale C430 linkage machine to cater for users who have restricted access to confined space and the McHale C470 to provide a machine with extra capacity

McHale will have a full range of machines on display at Midlands Machinery Show. Other machines being showcased at the event include the McHale F5500 Fixed Chamber Baler, a variety of round bale wrappers including the McHale W2020 High Speed Round Bale Stacking Wrapper and their many bale handling and splitting implements.

Jul 5, 2018

New for 2018, Chandlers will be operating the brand-new range of telehandlers from both CAT and Massey Ferguson in the Demonstration Area at the Midlands Machinery Show. For handling large straw bales - the new D-series models from CAT, including the TH357D (3.5 tonnes lift, 7m reach), and the TH408D (4 tonnes lift, 8m reach) machines. Both these machines feature a powershift transmission, ideally suited for road as well as field and yard work.

The MF telehandlers on display will include the brand-new TH.6534 (3.4 tonne lift, 6.5m reach) and the TH.7038 (3.8 tonnes lift, 7m reach) both featuring a hydrostatic transmission which gives peak performance in yard based loading applications. You are invited to come along and test drive the machines for yourself to see which machine is best for your needs.

Jun 22, 2018

The Midlands Machinery Show is delighted to announce that Woldmarsh Producers and Flach & Le Roy Ltd, two of our key sponsors, have agreed to sponsor the MMS again this year. We thank them for their continued support of this growing show and wish them a successful year.

Woldmarsh Producers is a leading farmer buying group in the UK. The Woldmarsh team work hard to procure goods and services at preferential prices with all benefits negotiated passed directly back to their members.

Their team of buyers are able to provide members with core agricultural inputs such as fertilizer, chemicals, seed, fuel & electricity. Members are also able to purchase sundry items including building materials, machinery, vehicles, and tyres, also landlines, mobile phones and internet packages – Woldmarsh can supply you with all your farming needs.

Established over 50 years ago, Woldmarsh remains privately owned by their 900+ members, farming over 300,000 hectares stretching from Lincolnshire to Yorkshire, Midlands and The Isle of Man.

Flach & Le Roy Ltd own the FLR CropDrying brand.

Specialist manufacturers and installers of quality crop & woodchip drying, ventilation and storage systems. They have been supplying top quality drive-on and box store drying and storage installations to the arable farming industry for over 22 years and since their formation in 1993 have delivered highly successful drying and storage installations for grain, rape, potato, seed, onion, pea and beans and more recently woodchip for biomass boilers.

They owe their success to the care taken in the manufacturing processes and by ensuring that customers are totally happy with their products and services. FLR design, manufacture and install products with quality as a priority and always give the best price for what they consider to be the highest specification drive-on floor and box store systems on the market.