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Issued 13th November 2017

For immediate release


#clubhectare relaunch at Midlands Machinery Show





Launching at the Midlands Machinery Show on 22nd November 2017, #clubhectare will be showcasing the new look club to its current members and the wider farming community.

#clubhectare was founded 6 years ago by a group of farmers who all used Twitter and grouped their conversation around the hashtag #clubhectare. From these humble roots, #clubhectare members have enjoyed meeting at events across the country and the hashtag ‘#clubhectare’ is used on social media on average 30 times per hour.  Now is the time for #clubhectare to evolve into an official members club, with more direction and more perks for its members. A new committee has been formed, with representation from all areas of Agriculture. This ensures that #clubhectare will be applicable and interesting for all. 

Originally for arable, #clubhectare is now relevant to dairy, livestock and vegetable farmers, with discussion and events for those sectors.    There are also representatives for the under 30s, who will be managing their own discussions on their future within farming, with special events.

Jono Dixon, who was a founder of the original #clubhectare says “I am very proud of what we have achieved with #clubhectare over the past 6 years, but I am more excited about where this club can go in the future.  With a great team behind us, there is no limit to what we can do for our members”.

The new #clubhectare will have:

  • Website with registration area for new members
  • Forum for lively, constructive debate
  • Regional and National events
  • Member benefits and discounts

Gordon Cummings is a member of the #clubhectare management team and was instrumental in relaunching #clubhectare as a full members organisation: “we have a new website, and will be launching the first forum in the Uk where users need to be a member of a club to join.  This is so everyone in the forum is transparent, ensuring real, honest, constructive discussion.  This is coupled with National and Regional events which will mix valuable connections with socialising.   Members will also get special farming discounts when they join, like money off business items. #clubhectare is sticking with its roots, of connecting farmers across the Nation.  But now, it is so much more”.


Chris Hewis, farmer and the new Chairman of #clubhectare, is also keen to see the organisation stay true to its roots: “the key to #clubhectare is a great balance of online content and real world events that are fun, but add value to the farming workforce.   We are a club started by farmers, for farmers, and this relaunch of the club will see an offer to its members that isn’t seen anywhere else”.

As a not-for-profit organisation, the team originally hoped to cover the costs of the launch and new website with sponsors, and they were worried that they may not break even on this new project. However, they have been astounded by the support they have received, and have sponsors from all areas of the industry including sprays, machinery and food manufacturing. Christopher Day, committee member & farmer states, “the support we have received from companies across the industry shows us that we are relaunching at the right time.  The industry has been waiting for a new #clubhectare to come along”.


#clubhectare started on Twitter , and it is still going strong on social media  - you can now find it on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.   Edwina Mullins, who manages #clubhectare’s social media and website content is keen to keep content accessible to all: “#clubhectare is meant to be inclusive for anyone with an interest in UK farming. Different social media platforms reach different people, and it’s important to try and reach and connect as many people within the industry as possible”.

The launch is an open event at the Midlands Machinery Show on 22nd November 2017 at 3.30pm at the Lady Eastwood Centre and it will be live streamed on Facebook for those who cannot make it in person.


#clubhectare is a central point for farmers and industry specialists across the Nation to get together, share ideas, thoughts and troubles about the industry.   To join #clubhectare, head to and register from 22nd November 2017.  Thanks to the support from sponsors, it is free to become a member for at least the first year so take a look and see if you like it!


Notes to editors

  1. For more information please contact Edwina Mullins, or 07871052544
  2. The relaunch event is at 3.30pm in the Lady Eastwood Centre, at the Midlands Machinery Show, 22.11.17.
  3. #clubhectare was formed in 2011 by a group of farmers who wanted to connect the UK farming industry online.  It meets regularly, provides many benefits to joining and in the future will have valuable events and farming discounts.
  4. #clubhectare is a not-for-profit organisation, for the benefit of the agriculture and food production industry, its workers and interested members of the general public.
  5. From 22/11/17, #clubhectare will be found on in addition to social media.
  6. Instagram:
  7. Facebook:
  8. Twitter:
  9. Further photos are available on request.


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Issued 13th November 2017

For immediate release


#clubhectare relaunch at Midlands Machinery Show

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