Free membership - Join a Machinery Ring /Buying Group at The Midlands Machinery Show

LMR (Lincolnshire Machinery Ring) are offering new members the opportunity to join “The Ring” with free membership until the end of May 2019.
LMR is a members’ owned Co-Operative, known as a machinery ring, formed in 1991 to assist members in carrying on their agricultural business through mutual assistance involving the joint rational use of agricultural equipment and labour.
LMR has evolved as it has grown and offers a competitive group buying role for its members covering fuel, lubricants, concrete, buildings, gas, tyres, electricity,
fertilisers, seeds etc.

LMR’s trading area now covers the counties of Lincolnshire, East Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire, East Derbyshire, Rutland, Northamptonshire and Leicestershire. We have no defined boundaries and have many loyal members in surrounding counties.

Come and meet the two Ring Manager’s Jayne & Andrew on the stand in The George Stephenson Exhibition Hall.