GARFORD FARM MACHINERY - InterRow Hoe Tine Raiser Feature

The Garford high speed inter row hoes come in variety of specifications for your farm needs, whether that being vegetables or cereals the Garford hoe replaces the need for herbicide to combat weeds.
Garford offer hoes anything from small manually guided systems up to 18 metre trailed machines with Robocrop Precision Guided High Speed Systems.
Not only can you as a farmer be hoeing but specialised equipment can be added such as fertiliser or spraying systems to allow for efficiency and economic benefits to the farm and also under sowing units for those farmers wanting to under sow clover for example.
Garford can supply rigid / hydraulic folding / trailed frames up to 18 metre working width, front mounted or rear mounted versions for your farm specification, category 2 front linkage is available for frame sizes up to 6 metres.
The Garford High Speed System can work as close as 8 – 10 mm from share to crop and be travelling with the guidance system 12 – 15kph covering plenty of ground in a working day but for those enterprises running a night shift that’s no problem for the guidance system offered, a work light is applied to the camera pole and carry on as normal.
New features to the inter row hoes being easy adjustable tine frames allowing for adjustment to the tine frame for using the machine in multi cropping areas. Giving the tine frame a more robust feel diamond sections are now installed to allow for that extra stress and strain to be handled for more efficient weed control.
With the new feature also of tine raisers this enables the grower to work into variety of sized fields with varied shaped headlands. The idea of tine raising is to be able to manage headlands more effective for weed control. The tine raiser works alongside GPS and each tine frame lifts with hydraulics out of the soil when coming into an overlapped area very similar to auto shut off.
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