First-time outing for new McCormick tractors at Midlands Machinery Show

PRESS RELEASE – October 2018

Three new McCormick tractors are scheduled to make their debut appearance on the Midlands Machinery Show stands of Lincolnshire dealerships Robert H Crawford & Sons, Frithville near Boston and The Tractor Shop, based in Louth.

The 264hp McCormick X8.660 VT-Drive is from an all-new range of three high-performance tractors with power outputs up to 310hp, making it the most powerful model ever to carry the ‘McCormick’ name on its flanks.

Nonetheless, the size of the X8 Series makes it suitable for heavy work with trailed equipment such as large spreaders and tankers, as well as for field operations with tillage and grassland machinery.

With seamless speed control from the VT-Drive stepless transmission, high capacity lift linkage front and rear, and big tyres helping put the power down, the new X8 tractors cater for contractors and large farms alike.

The McCormick X7.690 P6-Drive with 206hp for draft work boosting to 225hp for pto and transport applications, is one of five new-generation six-cylinder X7 Series tractors.

They all feature a new transmission with 30x15 speeds as standard on Efficient ‘mechanical’ spec models and a 54x27 creep version on Premium models, which also come as standard with higher output hydraulics and electronic spools.

Both versions have the same transmission, however, which has six powershift steps – in contrast to the four speeds of the previous models – so the operator can more easily find the best ratio for individual circumstances and shift up or down as the load varies without having to make a range change.

Both tractors are equipped with the McCormick Premiere cab, a spacious, light and airy design that comes with new semi-active suspension to complement the independent wheel front axle suspension.

McCormick X7 Premium and the models include a 12in touch-screen terminal for tractor system set-up and optional ISOBUS implement control.

Advanced Topcon precision farming equipment, including auto steering up to high-definition RTK, is also available on these models.

Further down the range, the new McCormick X6.0 Series four-cylinder tractors provide the perfect upgrade for users of McCormick X5 and competitor tractors without making the jump to the larger and more powerful X6.4 versions.

A compact 3.6-litre engine tuned for 110hp, 119hp and 126hp with good torque outputs and fuel economy is coupled to a 36-speed power shuttle transmission with three-speed powershift.

This heavy-duty transmission is also used in the X6.4 Series tractors up to 140hp and is available with creep speeds and in a simpler 12x12 format.

The X6.0 Series tractors can also be fitted with 2500kg front linkage and pto to complement the 6000kg rear hitch, which adds to the machine’s versatility and productivity.


The new McCormick X7.690 P6-Drive is set to be presented at the Midlands Machinery Show for the first time by Lincs dealers Crawfords and The Tractor Shop.

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