Breakfast panel will tackle Brexit's impact on agriculture

A PANEL of experts will be joining the Midlands Machinery Show this year to discuss how a soft or hard BREXIT may affect the industry.

The special breakfast debate is hosted and sponsored by property consultants, financial experts and lawyers from Streets Chartered Accountants, Langleys Solicitors, NatWest and Brown & Co are calling for visitors to the show on 23 and 24 November to register now and secure their place.

“We feel that the agricultural industry will be most affected by BREXIT,” said James Pinchbeck, marketing partner at Streets Chartered Accountants.

“As a result we felt that a breakfast seminar before the start of the Midlands Machinery Show would be a great opportunity to give farmers and those in the industry the chance to hear about what will affect them following the trigger of Article 50 and how they should prepare.

“As a Midlands based accountancy practice, the firm has looked after the interests of farming families for many generations along with those involved in agriculture and its allied industries. This special breakfast discussion will look at the opportunities and threats facing British agriculture, not least post Brexit.”

The breakfast seminar will take place on Wednesday 23 November in the Lady Eastwood Building at Newark Showground with registration and breakfast served from 7.30am. The seminar will begin 8am and last 45 minutes.

The panel will hear from keynote speaker, Roddy McLean, who is director of agriculture at NatWest, as well as Paul White, partner in Brown & Co’s agricultural business department, and Clare Slattery, an agricultural and land based tax specialist, with Streets Chartered Accountants.

The panel will be chaired by Andrew Fearn, chairman and head of agriculture at Langleys Solicitors.

The Midlands Machinery Show has been allocated NRoSO points for all visitors that attend its seminars.

Places are limited and booking is required early to attend the seminar. To register email Laura Butler Admittance into the Midlands Machinery Show and the seminar is free with seminar attendees receiving a hot breakfast roll and refreshments.

For more information please contact Isabel Dunmore or Rose Hayes at Cartwright Communications on 0115 853 2110.

About Midlands Machinery Show:

The Midlands Machinery Show is now in its third year and is a key event in the business calendar for agricultural businesses in the Midlands and further afield. It features the newest and best of machinery for modern farming methods, attracting both traders/manufacturers and buyers. The show is an up and coming event which is well-known for its intimate feel.

The Midlands Machinery Show takes place on Wednesday 23 November and Thursday 24 November and is open to visitors between 8am and 4pm on both days and is free to attend.

Twitter: @MidsMachinery16

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#clubhectare relaunch at Midlands Machinery Show

Oct 30, 2017

The Witham Group showcases latest products at the Midlands Machinery Show

The Witham Group will be exhibiting at the Midlands Machinery Show on the 22nd and 23rd November (Stand No. GSEH 20) and hoping to repeat the success they had in 2016 when they won the prize for Best Stand.

 Witham have been attending the event for many years, showcasing its range of lubricants and paints for the agricultural industry.

 Here are just a few of the new products that will be on the Witham stand this year:

 Qualube Masterfleet – new and improved

 The oil market is becoming increasingly complex.  The introduction of the latest generation of Euro engines to meet EU emissions and the ever increasing requirements of individual manufacturers mean the choice of engine oils is vast and varied.

 Customers are therefore often forced to purchase multiple products meeting different specifications to satisfy warranties, even though many of these are actually the same viscosity grade.

 The Witham Group has always sought to simplify and rationalise the choice of lubricants to customers and eliminate confusion without compromising either quality or warranty suitability.   We have therefore developed a universal engine oil that can be used in a variety of vehicles – perfect for customers who operate mixed fleets.

 The benefits of Qualube Masterfleet:

  • A universal product that will cover over 95% of all heavy duty diesel applications.
  • Approved to meet a wide variety of manufacturer specifications.
  • Eliminate the potential of the wrong lubricant being used in the wrong application.  One product, no mistakes.
  • Reduce purchasing costs.  Buy one lubricant instead of multiple products in uneconomic pack sizes
  • Simplifies internal purchasing.
  • Priced to ensure switching is not prohibitive.

Prolan – our award winning protective lubricant range

Witham’s Prolan lubricants are high performance corrosion inhibitors for metal and wood surfaces and electrical components. With natural lanolin as the main ingredient, the moisture repelling properties create a long lasting protective barrier in the most corrosive environments whilst providing an environmentally friendly solution.

The product range has won various awards this year, including two innovation awards at LAMMA 2017.   The Witham Group won the IAgrE Ivel Award for best environmental innovation and was crowned the overall winner of the Innovation Awards by LAMMA.  The Prolan range also won best new product at the Lincolnshire Show in June.

Prolan is completely natural, non-toxic and non-carcinogenic and so surpasses other petrochemical products as a safer, environmentally sustainable alternative.  It is also NSF certified and approved as a “food-grade lubricant” so can be used to protect machinery in sensitive environments such as dairy farms and suppliers of food chain produce.

Agriculture can be hard on machinery and constant protection is required from exposure to fertilizer, manure, pesticides and weather.  Prolan provides long-lasting protection for farm equipment, keeping it lubricated to prevent breakdowns. It has been proven to extend the longevity of farm machinery and enhance resale value.

Lubricants and greases are so widely used in the agricultural world and this new product offers a more sustainable alternative, without the usual harmful chemicals, that also performs with outstanding results.

The benefits of Prolan:

  • Protects and extends life of valuable agricultural equipment
  • Long lasting protection saving time on multiple reapplications
  • NSF approved as safe to use in food processing
  • 100% natural and operator safe
  • Unique, lanolin based formula, easy to apply

WOCO Barn Paint

WOCO Barn Paint is perfect for farmers or home owners who want to protect and revive outbuildings including sheds, barns and garages.  This remarkable paint product is water based, very durable and quick drying.  It is also non-toxic and therefore better for the environment and safe to use around people and animals.

It is available in a stylish palette of 6 colours inspired by the wooden clad buildings found in the Suffolk and Norfolk coastal regions.  The range is ideal for trade decorators or anyone wishing to upgrade their homes with a new facelift. 

WOCO Barn Paint offers tough durable protection against water to prevent rotting and mould.  It can be used on a variety of materials including wood, metal, concrete, plastic to protect against outdoor elements, sun damage and fading.

Easy to apply with a brush or roller, the paint is made from acrylic resin which is flexible against the underlying material to resist flaking and blistering and provide long lasting colour protection.

Witham Group MD, Nigel R Bottom commented: “We developed this new range in response to the growing demand for a good quality, long lasting paint for external buildings.  Now we’re finding that some of our agricultural customers are not only using our WOCO Paint Barn to protect their farm buildings, but also to update their homes.”

WOCO Barn Paint can be applied straight onto previously painted surfaces such as weathered bitumen, tar, varnish or creosote.  This product does not require a primer and is touch dry within two hours. 

Summary of WOCO Barn Paint’s key features:

  • Highly protective against damp, mould and sun damage
  • Water based – easy to apply
  • Quick drying
  • Non-toxic – more environmentally friendly
  • Can be used on a variety of surfaces, including wood, metal, concrete and plastic
  • Can be used on surfaces treated with creosote, bitumen, tar and varnish
  • Made with acrylic to flex with underlying materials and resist flaking/cracking
  • Available in six attractive, modern colours